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You may have heard of condo-hotel before while traveling but most guests don't really know what it means or what the benefits are. Condo Hotel is a property that operates as a hotel but the "rooms" are owned by private investors. Unlike a timeshare, the condo is sold outright to an investor. Then the owners can choose to have their unit managed by the hotel or they can use a third-party management company like us!


Orgoto is a real estate investment group specializing in Condo-Hotels. We acquire real estate in locations zoned for short-term rentals. We self-manage properties we own and provide short-term rental management services to other owners. We do this by entering into a master lease agreement that permits us to re-let properties to generate positive cash flow. We primarily focus on Condo-Hotels, Serviced Apartments, and Single-Family homes.


Are you a condo-hotel owner or perhaps you're thinking about buying a condo hotel? We offer free consulting, as one of the leaders and experts in condo hotel management we know the intimate details of how each property operates. Here are a few highlights of why you would want to have us manage your property!

  • Master Leasing provides you with consistent revenue without having to worry about market volatility!
  • TrustPay™ only provided by Orgoto! TrustPay is trust-based accounting which means your rental payments are protected by state laws and it becomes our fiduciary duty. 
  • We manage the entire rental process from A to Z.

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Our condo hotel master leasing program is easy for owners. We rent your property and we handle everything else.

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Please send us some information on your property and our Leasing Professional will get back to you to provide you with a free quote.